Reasons Why Anti-Fatigue Mat Is Needed

The feet are the great forgotten in health matters. One of the most invisible and most essential parts of our body.

All the body’s architecture depends on them, and they support our load; they are what maintain and displace us. Do you ever worry about their care?

Although by themselves they have a natural cushioning so as not to receive direct pressure from the ground, they cannot always cope with everything, for example, with work environments that require staying on hard floors and standing for many hours in the same place.

The body sustains us, and we must help it to make it as comfortable as possible. For this reason, the anti-fatigue mat is the perfect solution to take care of feet and body.

What Happens To People Who Spend Many Hours Standing In The Same Place Without An Anti-Fatigue Mat?

Your workers’ occupational health is vital for your company, and you should take into account to start by taking care of their posture and avoiding as much as possible all the injuries that may be caused. An anti-fatigue mat may be the best method.

When we stand in the same place without moving, the fatigue in feet, legs, and back can take its toll. Not only do the feet suffer, but different types of muscle injuries can occur throughout the body.

Although the problem begins in our lower extremities, it can end in the neck and generalized body pain, leading to back pain, swelling in the legs, circulation problems, inflammation in the heels, etc.

What’s Wrong With A Cold Hard Floor Versus An Anti-Fatigue Mat?

A cold floor is an uncomfortable surface to work on, and its hardness is not adequate to remain on it for long periods.

If we move from one place to another and walk, we will not have so many problems, but if the workers are still for many hours and without modifying their posture, their muscles end up contracting and causing worse blood circulation.

In short, the anti-fatigue kitchen mat prevents this from happening and what it does is absorb the blow that the foot receives and the continuous pressure on the ground.

That is why a soft and flexible floor such as that provided by an anti-fatigue floor is the best option to avoid the inconveniences of a smooth floor since when these padded rugs are used, the muscles of the legs and feet are forced to move. Up and down, avoiding continuous immobility.