Tips for maintenance and cleaning of the upholstery

Furniture is a precious element in the decor of the home. The role of upholstery in the comfort, softness and beauty of the furniture is very important. Upholstery is what protects the furniture from the wears and tears. Sometimes accidents happen, like stains and spills and as a result furniture gets dirty. Proper cleaning of upholstery is required at this stage. The cleaning of upholstery is the basic step to maintain the beautiful look of the furniture. It increases the charm and life of the furniture. Many people buy expensive furniture and do not care much about their upholstery. Due to which the color of the fabric started to fade and the furniture started to lose its beautiful appearance. Upholstery cleaning also extends the life of the furniture. Therefore in order to keep the furniture for a long time with its lovely and appealing look, you have to assure that the upholstery is properly cleaned. Hiring professional cleaners is always a good step but not everyone can bear the expenses of the professionals’ services. It is a DIY task and you can keep your upholstery clean by just following some tips which are below.   

Useful Tips for cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and taking care of the upholstery is not complicated. It is an easy process that requires consistency.


Vacuuming is the first step in the process of upholstery cleaning. If the dust particles get absorbed into the material of the upholstery then the upholstery starts to look dull and the furniture becomes unattractive. Vacuuming helps in keeping the surface of the upholstery free from the dust. It will remove dust particles before they are absorbed into the material. A good vacuuming once in two weeks will be enough. You should do dusting daily, it will also help in removing the dust.

Change the position of the cushions

Changing the position of the cushions can also save them from different wears and tears. If you or your family member like to sit in a specific area of the sofa then change the cushion of this area daily with the cushions of other areas. It is not a big step but it will be very beneficial for the longevity and beauty of the cushion.

Make some rules

Stains and spills are worst for the upholstery that ruins the class of the furniture. You have to consider all those steps that can minimize the chances of stains and spills happening on the upholstery. For this purpose, you have to bind home members to follow some strict rules. Do not allow any member of the family, especially kids, to eat or drink on the sofa. By doing this, you can prevent the upholstery from facing stains and spills.

Clean the stains immediately

However the stains and spills have occurred, a Hoboken cleaning service provider advises cleaning them quickly without wasting the time. If you will waste the time they will absorb deep and it will be difficult to remove them.

Use best Products

You should choose the cleaning product for the upholstery, with great care. The use of the wrong product will damage the upholstery. If you have just purchased the furniture then follow the recommendation of the experts. In other cases, go to the market and choose the cleaner after reading the label thoroughly. Buy those cleaner which is specially made according to the fabric of your furniture’ upholstery

Use baking soda

Baking soda is not only used for baking, but it is also an effective solution for cleaning the upholstery. Baking soda will help to remove some light and odor stains. For the wet solution, mix the reasonable amount of baking soda in the cup of water and then apply on the upholstery for 20 minutes. For dry solutions do not mix baking soda in water.

Do not sit on wet couch or chair   

After cleaning do not sit on the wet upholstery. Use a dry towel to soak up the moisture and use a dry brush to assure more effective cleaning. Open the windows to dry the upholstery as soon as possible.

UV rays

Direct sunlight can destroy the upholstery’s fabric, especially leather. You can use blinds or curtains, or you can keep the furniture in that area which does not receive direct sunlight.