Do You Want to Design a Suitable Lighting System For Restaurant?

If you are in a restaurant business then the restaurant floor plan will be a major component of the restaurant design concept. It will actually set the scene for all your guests who will be dining and will separate your restaurant from your competitors.

However, a proper lighting system will be the key to your restaurant design and you need to think of a suitable chandelier light mathing with the set up of your restaurant. Proper lighting will encourage diners to not only stay longer, but also will more likely to visit once again.

Sofary is a well-known chandelier companyin the USA, where you can get chandelier lights of many different designs that will be quite suitable for any restaurant setup. A few notable among them can be Round Modern Rustic Crystal Chandelier, Rectangular Crystal Chandelier, Rectangular Raindrop Crystal Pendant Light, etc.

The following are a few of the key things that you must think about while designing your restaurant lighting.

  1. Don’t forget about the exterior lighting

You can easily draw the attention of your prospective customers by proper lighting of the exterior of your building. People will notice your restaurants among the other restaurants in the surrounding if you put certain special lighting on the exterior.  

It is very important that your lighting must add appeal to your exterior of the restaurant building and offers enough light to provide a sense of security.

  1. Make lighting central to your design of the restaurant

During the earliest stages of your design, you must plan for your restaurant lighting. You will have to know the placement of different lights much in advance to ensure the design has sufficient electricity sockets available to meet your lighting needs.

  1. Use a different variety of light levels

To get the proper lighting effect, use different layers of light. The ambient light will set the general lighting level, while accent lighting will draw attention to the room’s architecture.

You will also need direct lighting particularly in those areas where your workers will need light, e.g. cash registers, kitchen, and bars.

  1. Pay attention to your light coloring

You should also ensure that your restaurant lighting design will show the actual color of various foods and drinks that are served. If your lighting changes the food’s color then it may create a poor impression of your food and can impact the customer negatively.

  1. Brightness also matters

As lighting is very critical to create the right ambiance hence you will prefer to pay attention to the brightness of the lighting. Generally, warm, cozy lighting can make diners feel much more comfortable and they are more likely to sit longer.

You can also consider automated light control systems that can adjust the interior lighting as per the time of the day and ambient brightness to ensure optimal lighting levels can be achieved.

  1. Keep up with the latest trends

Always stay up to date, which can help your restaurant feel fresh. By using newer lighting sources e.g. LEDs can save your money by reducing energy bills and also maintenance.