Should You Get Ceiling Insulation, Insulation for Your Roof, Or Both?

Getting a professional to provide you with ceiling insulation is definitely going to be a step towards reducing your energy bills and keeping the interior temperature of your home consistently comfortable, but should you also seek help from a roof specialist to ensure that your roof is insulated?

The simple answer would be, yes, but by looking at each a little more closely, we should be able to help you decide whether to invest in one or the other, or both:

What is the difference between ceiling insulation and roof insulation?

Roof insulation is when insulating material is placed above and below the rafters of a roof, while ceiling insulation refers to insulating materials placed on the floor of the room closest to the roof structure.

It’s more likely that the average home has been insulated at the ceiling level, as opposed to the roof, but this doesn’t mean that getting your roof insulated by a roof specialist wouldn’t be money well spent, since it will almost certainly help to lower your energy bills.

Ceiling insulation explained:

Typically involving the spreading of loose-fill or batt within the attic or airspace of a home, insulating a ceiling helps to regulate the temperature of your home, irrespective of the climate. Seeking help from a roof specialist to insulate your ceilings is strongly advised, because DIY projects that have gone wrong, can become costly to fix and/or replace.

Roofing insulation explained:

Insulating your roof is useful for the same reasons as insulating your ceiling, but if your attic is used as a living space, it can be significantly more useful. Your chosen roof specialist will decide which insulating material to use based upon a number of factors, but they will typically choose from the following:

  • Rigid foam insulation boards
  • Radiant barriers
  • Spray foam

What are the advantages of roof insulation by a roof specialist?

There are many advantages to having your roof insulated, but the two most popular and significant are listed below:

  1. Improved energy performance
  2. Preventing moisture damage in cold climates

What are the advantages of ceiling insulation?

As with insulating your roof with the help of a qualified and fully trained roof specialist, insulating your ceiling has many advantages, but the four most popular and significant are listed below:

  1. Improved energy performance
  2. Affordability
  3. Ease of construction
  4. Preventing the roof from accumulating moisture damage

To conclude, the more areas of your home you can insulate, the better, and if you can have the work carried out by an insulation and roof specialist, even better still. However, some experts might say that you should try to get ceiling insulation before you concentrate on insulating your roof, and if you already have ceiling insulation, then you would almost certainly reap additional benefits from having your roof professionally insulated, too.