Tuesday, 7 Dec 2021

6 Tips to A Nicer Workplace

Are you looking to make your workplace look Nicer and really cool? Here are few tips that can make that happen.

Tip 1 Privacy Protection: In open-plan offices, in particular, many employees feel that they are being watched all the time – by the boss, work colleagues, or even strangers. This leads to permanent tension and thus subliminal stress. More than half of employees have the feeling that they are (very) often interrupted in their work – which of course reduces concentration and productivity.

Tip 2) Plants: Even if you do not use the plants as a privacy screen, they should not be missing from your workplace. Their green has a calming effect, they produce fresh oxygen, and they look beautiful. Particularly suitable for the office – as it is easy to care for. Aside from plants you can also add commercial logo mats at the entrance of your office

Tip 3) Photos: If you cannot see your loved ones for six, eight, or even ten hours a day that you spend at work, it is excellent if you at least put pictures of them on your desk or at the partition walls, the privacy screens, etc. hang. But be careful: your “party pictures” from your last bachelorette party or your holiday picture in a bikini have no place at work. Therefore, pay attention to the innocence of the motifs when choosing your pictures

Tip 4) Motivation Aids: We all know these days when the work feels particularly slow or difficult. So, it’s okay if you have a little extra motivation to hand.

Tip 5) Snacks: Sometimes you get cravings, you need a little sugar for your nerves, or you just haven’t had time for a proper lunch break. It’s okay if you then have the “secret” snack drawer. Hand on heart: Who doesn’t like to nibble on a piece of chocolate, some gummy bears, or – as a healthier option – little fresh vegetables.

Tip 6) Tea: Since your body naturally not only needs food but, above all, a lot of fluids, you can take your favorite tea with you to work from now on. There is nothing like a fragrant hot drink, especially in winter, and tea is healthier than juices or soft drinks!

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