What You Need To Know About The Artificial Grass

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Artificial grass is made of synthetic and manufactured fibers and is used to cover grounds and imitate the look of natural grass lawns. It is commonly used in sports stadiums, commercial properties, and residential landscaping. 

In the mid-1960s, artificial grass gained significant attention when it was first used in the newly constructed Astrodome in Houston, Texas. Wright and Faria of Monsanto Industries invented the first notable artificial grass, known as “AstroTurf”. It has been beneficial in reducing the cost of maintenance and in saving both money and time. Beyond its uses in athletic fields, the noticeable improvement in its efficiency drove the function of fake grass to residential and commercial landscaping, which increased the demand for the product. 

Over the decades, artificial grass has been honing its features to a more realistic look. Modern artificial grass provides different naturalistic shades of green and a soft surface similar to the texture of natural grass. However, it is still made from petroleum-based plastics, as it once was. 

Furthermore, synthetic grass has three types: nylon artificial grass, polyethylene artificial grass, and polypropylene artificial grass. Nylon artificial grass is the most expensive, yet it is durable and long-lasting. On the other hand, polypropylene artificial grass is cheaper and least durable. It is best for smaller areas, as it cannot stand up to high traffic. 

Among the three, the most suitable artificial grass for school playgrounds is the polyethylene artificial grass. Clients prefer this because of its softness, making it perfect for play areas and zones where people can walk barefoot. 

Installing artificial grass is an excellent option to lower your costs. It is essential to know that artificial grass is nearly maintenance-free, yet you need to sustain the quality to prolong its life. You can conserve water and save on your monthly water bill since you do not have a lawn to irrigate. Lastly, it is long-lasting. Unlike natural grass, it is high-quality, does not require sunlight, and may last for 20 years or more. 

If you want more information about artificial grass, see this infographic from Easy Turf.