Tips for Dealing With Your AC’s Clogged Air Ducts

Here in the South, air conditioning is a basic necessity. If your AC isn’t working as well as it should, it might mean you need air duct cleaning in Atlanta.Clogged ducts and filters are some of the biggest problems HVAC systems face. Luckily, they are also amongst the easiest to solve.

Why AC Ducts Need Cleaning

Like any other part of your home, your air ducts get dirty. The difference is that they are hidden away, allowing you to forget they exist and let them go way too long between cleanings. Most homeowners only get their air ducts cleaned when they realize something isn’t quite right with their airflow or their energy bills are mysteriously rising.

Dirty air ducts are a major problem, though. They force your entire HVAC system work harder, making it more prone to breaking down. This results in higher energy bills for you. Plus, the poor heating and cooling makes your home uncomfortable. If you have people in your home with respiratory problems, it can cause them to become sick, too.

Tips for HVAC Duct Cleaning

We suggest that you leave your duct cleaning to our professional HVAC service in Atlanta. However, you can try to get them a little cleaner between visits. Try the following steps.

1. Cover the Supply Registers

Pull your grills off and place microfiber cloths over the holes, then return to grills to hold the cloths in place. This will help prevent dust in the ducts from being pushed out into the rest of your home.

2. Turn on the Fan

With the supply registers covered, turn on the fan at full power. The goal is to knock dirt in the ducts loose so it can be pulled out during cleaning.

3. Clean the Supply Registers

Lift out the grills and sweep out the dust and debris inside. Then, with soap and water, scrub the grills so they are clean as well. Then, return them to the supply registers.

4. Clean the Return Air Registers

Unscrew the air registers and use a brush with a long handle to sweep out debris inside the pipes. Then, clean the registers themselves with soap and water before putting them back in place.

If you complete this simple cleaning a few times a year, you might be able to extend your time between professional cleanings. However, you will want professionals for AC and furnace duct cleaning about once every two years to cut down on indoor pollution. For help with cleaning or AC repair in Atlanta, turn to Moncrief Air. Call us today to schedule your service.