Is Your House Too Dark? Get Natural Light Through A Roof Dome.

Natural light is a much-appreciated asset, as it can enhance any environment no matter how disastrous it may seem. It’s not a secret that a dark room can be transformed entirely, gain space and appear much more welcoming just by introducing a little natural light into the room. There are many solutions at your disposal to transform your home into a brighter home, one of which is roof domes. Call us today.

What Are They?

They are reflective tubes (rigid or flexible) that collect the light that falls on the roof and, through a tube, transports it to the house’s interior, thus allowing natural light to reach the house’s darkest and most challenging areas.

Where Can They Be Placed?

 They can be installed in any room in the house under the roof, but they are ideal for those corners that do not have windows and where getting light in is very difficult. We refer, for example, to the entrance hall, hallways, stairs, closets, bathrooms. Small corners that we can typically only illuminate with artificial light. However, it is also possible to increase the brightness of any room with the domes in which you want to gain natural light.

What Is Needed For Your Installation?

For its installation, it is unnecessary to carry out extensive work, and it is only necessary to enable a small hole in the roof of the house in which the tube and the light diffuser will be placed. Furthermore, we must bear in mind that the domes are available in different versions and sizes to be adapted to any space. They can be installed on both flat and sloping roofs.

What Add-Ons Do You Count On?

The domes have an embellishment ring that maximizes the distribution of natural light so that the light that currently exists outside is made the most of. There is a ventilation adapter for installation in the bathroom, ideal for those who do not have windows and need mechanical ventilation.

What Are Its Advantages?

Its main advantage is the opportunity to get natural light to reach dark and difficult places and allow these spaces to become comfortable and welcoming places. In addition, the rigid-shaped dome can provide up to 14 times lighter than a 60W light bulb. Notable, isn’t it? But that’s not all, and we must bear in mind that the domes allow you to save on your electricity bill, as the fact that you can enjoy natural light in corners where they were previously only illuminated with artificial light will reduce energy consumption.

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