How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Power An Average House?

Calculating the total number of solar panels that you will need for your home is something that you may need an expert for. When most people are looking towards a solar energy source that can produce enough power for their home, they want to know what the system will cost right away. Calculating the total number of kilowatt-hours worth of power that you are generating will help to estimate the correct system size and determine the total power of the system you will need. 

Most average homeowners will require between 20 to 30 solar panels to offset the electricity that their typical bill requires. That may seem like a lot, but a lot of solar panels can fit on a roof. The number of panels that you require for your house will depend on the location of your home, panel performance, and more. 

A solar array of 20 to 30 panels will cover a large portion of the roof and this will generate roughly 10,400 kWh per year. The average American household consumes just under 1100 kWh per year and by changing over to energy-efficient appliances and working to conserve power, it’s possible to meet the exact generation figures that a solar panel installation will provide. 

The best way to do a comparison on solar panel installations doesn’t start with an average of US homes but rather an average of the systems in your area. Speaking with a local solar installation professional will make sure that you are calculating the values correctly based on your local climate. A professional solar installer will be able to tell you more about the best panels in the area and what will be required to power your home. 

Contact us today and we can determine the total number of panels that you will require to deliver power to your home. 

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