Your Best Bets with the Right Laundry Appliances

To simplify your laundry, you must be able to count on the help of your appliances: their reliability and efficiency greatly lighten the mental load. Indeed, investing in a quality washer ensures that the clothes come out completely clean and in no way damaged. When you think about it, paying a little more for a high-performance device can be economical. As the world of home appliances is constantly evolving to offer you technologies that simplify your daily life, The Brick offers excellent value for money to meet your needs. To make your laundry easier, here are some laundry appliance features to remember when buying a washer:  

A Device That Detects the Type of Tissue 

More and more, intelligent systems are implemented in household appliances. For example, innovative new technology not only determines the weight of the fabrics in the tub, but also their texture. Thus, for each new load, the washer evaluates it in order to select the optimal washing movement. This function improves the performance of the device and prolongs the life of the clothes. It’s also a technology that allows you to take the guesswork out of what type of cycle to choose.

Steam Cleaning 

Several devices even offer steam washing technology. The power of the steam allows you to gently remove stains, without having to do a long and laborious pretreatment. The clothes come out less wrinkled, which often eliminates the drudgery of ironing.

An Automatic Soap Dispenser 

Are you the one who never knows how much detergent is needed for each load? Very often, we prefer to put too much rather than not enough, which undoubtedly generates waste. To stop racking your brains, opt for Smart Dispense. This is an intelligent dispensing technology that automatically dispenses detergent without you having to think about it, for up to 32 loads.

Meanwhile, the Flex Dispense automatically releases detergent or fabric softener at just the right time for faster activation and optimal cleaning performance. In addition, a special jet pierces the capsules and a downpour activates the detergent to ensure even distribution. These innovative features prevent soap misuse while maximizing the performance of every wash.

Faster Washes 

No one likes to wait around after a load. Manufacturers understood this by developing a revolutionary technology called Turbo-Wash 360. It offers washers that have two powerful nozzles operating at high pressure. Result: the clothes are impeccable, even if the cycle is short. This is perfect for people with busy lives.

A Cycle to Eliminate Allergens 

Are your family members sensitive to dust or animal hair? To eliminate them, opt for Electrolux’s NSF ® certified hypoallergenic technology, whose mission is to disinfect household fabrics clothing, towels, and bedding by eliminating 95% of allergens found in the home.

A Respite for the Ears     

In order to be able to wash at any time, even when the children are sleeping, it is important to have a silent appliance. Noise reduction technology is perfect for reducing noise and vibration for a surprisingly quiet wash.

Front Loading or Top Loading Washer? 

Regardless of the type of cargo, both can be great choices. Top-loading devices are an affordable option. Besides, most people turn to this model. They are easy to use and convenient. The clothes are washed with an efficient agitator.