Why need Persian carpets?

Carpets can be a centerpiece of any room’s energy. They serve as the foundation for the area’s color palate which complements the rest of the room’s decor and furniture. When considering the ideal decorative for your home, it is important to consider utilizing both traditional Persian carpets as well as more contemporary, modern designs.

Traditional patterns carpets for contemporary Use

For a long period when people talked about oriental carpets or handmade carpets, they would be referencing an establishedstyle of Persian carpet that has fringes with a border and classical design symbolism. Today, with the advent of the modern carpets, you have an entire new category of decor and these carpets are made on upright looms. It is similar to how carpets have been traditionally crafted for thousands of years: however, their designs are contemporary and western.

You might assume that Persian carpets must be placed in modern settings: however, the true stylistic reality is blending contemporary carpets with traditional decor and vice versa. It creates a fantastic contrast that is elegant, restrained, and very chic.

Most of today’s designers are synthesizing contrasting Persian carpet types in ways that remain on the vanguard of home decor.  Sometimes using a Persian carpet in a traditional environment can be very stylish. The carpet has to be somewhat subdued and muted with solid colors, or a subtle transitional pattern, carrying elements of traditional themes. It surely helps if the carpet’s colors go well with the existing colors inside a room, creating a smooth blend.

Today’s designers are designing contemporary Persian carpets, made in Nepal, known for the high quality of its sheep’s wool. The carpet weaving technique situated in Nepal originated from Tibet.

Unique, Priceless Imagery and Artistry Carpets

By utilizing the beauty of a traditional Persian carpet, you are basing the energy of the room in nature and emotion. Through evoking timeless emotions in its pattern, a traditional Persian carpet can highlight rooms according to classic design schemes along with contrastingly complimenting contemporary house wares. Traditionally, these carpets reflect nature in the imagery of their design which often includes flowers, plants, or even animals like peacocks.

The wool from sheep is colored with dye sourced from plants, flowers, roots, or even insects. Natural colors like cream, blues, and reds are combined together to create a warm organic palette. It can complement the cold industrial tones of modern fixtures or furniture. If the colors go well and the furnishings are simple, like solid colors or muted design, then the combination of a traditional carpet among contemporary furnishings can be absolutely beautiful.

Types of Carpets

Abadeh Carpets

Abadeh carpets feature designs which are very similar to Shiraz carpets, but can usually be distinguished by their cotton fringe ends. The designs inspired by Qashqai carpets, these carpets generally feature tribal designs in red, blue, and ivory colors schemes

Afshar Carpets

These carpets typically feature tribal designs. Afshar carpets usually utilize red, blue, brown, and ivory colors. They are woven together by the Afshar tribe in Southeastern Iran. Older Afshars are smaller in size whereas more modern copies of this carpet come in larger sizes.

Birjand Carpets

These carpets represent some of the finest quality of Persian carpets made in Iran and features super fine details attributed to their intricately woven patterns.

Chenar Carpets

It often features a single row of stepped diamond-shaped medallions. Chenar carpets are usually classified as Hamedan carpets.

Benefits of a Persian Carpet

Persian and oriental carpets are simply made with a higher attention to detail than most other modern carpets. They do not only provide durable benefits to the home, but they can be investments that gain value as time passes. By providing a great sentimental value they can bolster the aesthetic tone of an entire room and remain an individual, intricately designed art object in their own right.

When they are held against modern carpets, Persian carpets are apparently better for Earth’s natural environment. They’re made out of naturally sourced dye and fabric which are both less flammable than modern synthetic fabric carpets. They release less allergen as compared to other modern carpets and due to this reason they have a long lasting benefit and status for excellence.