What Kind of Asbestos Removal Works Fine?

Asbestos, also known as asbestos, is a natural mineral that belongs to the class of silicates and is made up of very fine fibers.

The Problems for You

Its great ability to withstand even very high temperatures, wear caused by atmospheric and biological agents and traction, has ensured that asbestos was used by industry for decades. The fact that this material could be extracted with very low production costs led to its widespread use in the production of electrical cables, pipes, gaskets, flooring and also in textile products. In Italy, then, almost all of the asbestos used was used for the construction of private homes and buildings in general.

Only thirty years ago has it been discovered the danger of this material, which can be harmful to humans even after many decades. In fact, asbestos releases toxic fibers which, if inhaled by humans, can lead to severe respiratory diseases and cancer. The first provisions regulating the use of asbestos in our country date back to 1986, but only in 1992 was a law enacted that prohibits its sale. Choosing the local asbestos contractor  is the best choice there.

The Present Day Issues

Today there are associations that are involved in assisting the victims of asbestos, and annual commemorations to remember these victims. But all this is still not enough. There is still a market that markets and sells products made from asbestos, favored by the lack of precise and clear provisions within the Community.

  • Precisely for this reason the importance of the role of citizens in the fight against killer fiber is evident. In fact, with a view to safeguarding their health and that of their children, citizens have to report infringements of the law and the irresponsible use of this toxic material.
  • They are citizens also that they should promote anti-asbestos campaigns, and require new laws within the European Union to limit the entry of products made from this material. One cannot and must no longer remain indifferent.

The victims of asbestos in the last forty years have reached disproportionate figures, unfortunately destined to increase further. In fact, it is estimated that the death toll from asbestos will be subject to exponential growth by 2025. We must say enough of all this.

The Recent Options

In recent years, the issue of the dangerousness of asbestos and the need to remove it from homes and industrial plants has often been at the center of attention, becoming the subject of discussion in newspapers, on television and in institutions.

There is now no doubt that asbestos is a highly carcinogenic substance and destructive, statistical data show that prolonged exposure to this material increases the onset of tumors and other serious diseases, putting the population at risk of lives or works inside buildings that contain this fiber.

In the past, the risks associated with the use of asbestos were not sufficiently known and frequent use of this component has been made both in the construction of private homes and in the industrial sector.


Now that the problem has emerged in all its gravity, so much so that asbestos is defined as the “invisible killer”, it is clear to everyone how there can be a single solution to limit the damage: clean up the sites, entrusting the work to companies specialized in this sector and able to comply with the strict safety criteria established by law for the disposal of asbestos.