Tree Anatomy – Know The General Terms

Trees are one the most important living creatures on the planet. They are essential for many functions, including providing oxygen, filtering the air, habitat for wildlife, improving soil composition and protecting us from severe winds. The tree’s many parts allow them to perform these functions. Understanding the anatomy of trees will allow us to gain a better understanding of their functions and how we can take better care of them. Below are the most important terms in tree care.

Roots are the Foundation of Trees

The vital functions of the roots are essential to keeping the tree healthy. Roots are located below ground and absorb nutrients from the soil. These essential nutrients are used by the tree to support its growth and to store food for future growth. Roots provide structural support to the tree, as well as absorbing nutrients and minerals.

The root system of a tree can reach as far as seven feet deep. Tree roots are often mistaken for being deep below the ground. Roots are more outwardly oriented so that they can grip the soil. A root system’s strength and growth will depend on its ability to access adequate space and the soil conditions.

Tree Trunks Are Vital For Nutrient Delivery

Tree trunks begin at the root collar, where roots meet the trunk. They are vital for tree growth. A tree trunk’s main function is to raise the tree so that the leaves can absorb more sunlight. It is also the tree’s “highway” system, transporting sugar from the roots to them and delivering nutrients and water to them.

The limbs, and branches extend from the tree trunk:

  • Tree limbs The primary division of the trunk.
  • Tree branches – the parts of the tree that grow out of the limbs, where the leaves, flowers and fruits are.

The stump is the remaining portion of a tree that has been cut down.

The Tree Crown Supports Photosynthesis & Air Filtering

The crown of the tree plays an important role in providing benefits for humans. The crown houses the leaves that are used for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is one the most important processes on the planet. It involves the conversion of energy from the sun to food for the tree’s growth. Trees also filter the air we breathe by taking in carbon dioxide and then releasing oxygen. This is why the crown is so important.

A canopy is a group of crowns. The area below the outer circumference is the dripline. Because it is the area where your tree absorbs the greatest amount of water and nutrients, the term “drip line” is frequently used in tree care.

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