Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

Have you bought yourself a home and are looking for the best small condo interior ideas? You are in the right place then. Let’s talk about condos in general first and then find out ideas that will surely help you in your adaptation of your new spot.

Condominiums are private residential apartments with amenities located in closed community areas, such as swimming pools, gyms, BBQ pits, and playgrounds. In contrast, HDB flats have these amenities but in public settings facilities.

Even though condos in Singapore have problems with space shortages, they are still considered a better purchase than HDB flats and even a status symbol.If you’d like to find out more condo renovation ideas in Singapore, check out Renozone’s portfolio today.

While Singapore has eternal problems with the demand for spacious properties, designing small condo interiors is not impossible if you have professional help at hand.

So here are the most important condo interior design ideas you need to consider in the pursuit of perfect adaptation. Let’s check them out together!

Bright colours

First things first, you need to choose a colour scheme. Small rooms do not tolerate dark colours well. That is why we need to choose lighter colours for your walls. These lighter colours will help disperse light in your apartment and make it feel roomier, bigger, and more open.

To maximise this atmosphere, you can bring in mirrors to reflect all this brightness and enhance the effect. And speaking of mirrors…

Glass and mirrors

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Put a mirror on the open surface to elongate the reflected area and make the room feel twice as big through the illusion of depth. Depending on where you put these mirrors, they will drastically change how we see the space.

Of course, they will also help sunlight coming from the outside to evenly disperse in the room and brighten up the mood as well as the openness of the space.

Artificial light

While we are on the topic of light, it is also important to mention that an artificial lighting system is essential to implement in your apartment. Artificial lighting is especially crucial if your condo naturally lacks natural light.

Furniture composition

Since space is so important in a condo, make sure you place large furniture, such as sofas and closets, in the corners of the room to maximize the much-needed space.


Less is more. We all know what this means. By stripping the room of unnecessary furniture and accessories, we remove visual clutter, making the room seem larger than it would with a maximalist interior.

This is the main principle of minimalism. We all know what elements in our space we rarely use, and those pieces need to be removed from the interior to let the space breathe.

Accent points and colours

We already talked about small condos needing a lighter colour scheme to keep the apartment feeling fresh and roomy. But all this homogenous colour palette can seem boring, which is why you should implement accent colour.

By this, we mean painting a wall in the room in some other colour to break up the monotony and to dictate the mood of the room. This can be a really simple but powerful tool to spice up the atmosphere and to add character to the space.

Also, we can expand this by adding the accent point in the space where you’ll represent this accent colour. This accent point can be an artwork on the wall or a bookcase with fascinating accessories.

Hidden storage space

As mentioned before, to make the space feel bigger and more spacious, we need to start getting rid of elements in the room. But there is another way, too.

By implementing furniture with storage space, we can hide the things and accessories we rarely use but will need in the future.

Foldable furniture

One more furniture trick is to use foldable furniture. You can replace pieces of furniture that take up a lot of space with their collapsible and foldable counterparts. Wall-mounted tables and desks are the best examples of this.

If you work from home, once you finish the job, you do not necessarily need that desk until the following morning. Another example is a foldable bed.

Beds take up vast amounts of space, and we use them for a third of our daytime. If you are comfortable with this major change, you can buy a collapsible bed and save up on so much space.

If you do not have much disposable money for furniture buying, you can invest in a smaller change. By switching your traditional coffee table for nesting coffee tables, you can create plenty of space in the living room.

If you have small kids, this is a perfect move because you are creating a space for their play where you can keep an eye on them while relaxing on the sofa.

Sliding doors

This is a really interesting idea that I am sure you would not normally consider, but hear us out. By swapping your regular swinging doors for sliding doors, you can save up space in an ingenious way.

This seems like a huge change for the small amount of space you are saving, but if you do this in all rooms of the apartment, you will see how your space will improve.


So, as you can see, there are many ways to freshen up your home and save space in the process.

From small changes such as repainting a wall in the accent colours and creating accent points to a major rethinking of the space by implementing different furniture to introduce a minimalist way of thinking, there are solutions for every budget and time invested.

We hope that these ideas have helped you create a spark in your creative ideas for condo interior design. If you still think that you will need help implementing these ideas into your home, feel free to consult professional interior designers.