Imagine in a scene! You are set to make all the necessary arrangements to make your guests feel welcome. Your fire pit Is eager to get lit up. You want to impress your guest with an evening of chatter, gathering around the fire to catch up with past exciting memories.

Some logs are with you, you are set to light the matches and finally, you did. Little by little it turns out to bring out flames! You are relieved and the evening is set. But some irritated smokes seem to come out from the fire logs. You feel awkward, not wanting your guest to go home feeling all smelly with smoke. How will you deal with this?

Here are some ways to light up your fire logs without getting worked up.

How to start a fire with a log


  • Use ready to burn kiln dried logs-:

It is recommended to use Dried logs because using logs that are not dried enough will cause a lot of smoke to come out. To reduce excess smoke use kiln dried logs that are dry to a moisture content below 20%.

Purchasing logs from certified ready-to-burn suppliers is the best choice you can ever think of. You can immediately use these logs. In recent years, Air Quality and wood fuel are now known to all.


  • Old damp ash and embers should be discarded-:

It is good to empty all the old ash and embers. When all is empty it helps to see the bottom of the bowl before you start to light a fire and helping start from scratch.

Step 3-

  • Kindling should be used when lighting fire-:

It is a bit difficult to get kiln Dried logs when you want to light up fire from scratch. You need to slowly build your fire if you want to start a fire.

What you need to do is to get enough kindling, put it inside the fire pit. It will look like a small carved nest. Startup fire in between and set them alight. This will only take some minutes to set up and before you know flames will come up.

Step 4-

  • Kiln-dried wood logs should be used to start a fire-:

If you want your fire to be bigger and better it is best to use kiln-dried wood when there is enough energy of kindling in your nest.


  • Kiln-dried hardwood logs are best for sustaining the burn-:

Hardwood logs tend to be denser than softwood logs. They are good for starting and building up fires. Although they might not be used to keep the fire going because they quickly burn away. If you want to sustain the burn all you need to do is to add 1-2 kiln-dried hardwood logs inside the fire.


You can successfully burn your log without disturbing smoke. Follow the steps above and start up your log fire. Arbworks firewood North Wales have high-quality firewood you can use in starting up your fire.