How to make optimal use of your outdoor space

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Everyone wants an outdoor space area. But if allowed, we’d fill every available inch of space in the home with a TV, sofa, gaming console or some form of entertainment to earn its title as ‘the man cave’. Somehow it doesn’t feel right to use what could be considered valuable living space to host a garden. And yet, our love for having the best in comfort and entertainment can not be denied. Experts including Sittingbourne letting agents have also agreed that properties with outdoor space gain an extra edge over other properties listed.

Building your own outdoor terrace or garden room is an extremely exciting prospect. You should be able to come up with some great ideas to make the most of outdoor space in our busy cities and towns; even if you live in an apartment, there’ll still be some way that you can make use of it. However, you are probably not the only one thinking about how best to use the precious space you’ve got. For this reason, read on for advice on how to use your outdoor space effectively and efficiently and make the most of it.

Style it well

Summer is the perfect time to spend time with family and friends in your garden or outdoor space. But, before you invite people over for a barbecue, it’s important to have an outdoor space that is comfortable and stylish. The first step in creating a relaxing outdoor space is to look at your garden as an extension of your house. You should style outside space in the same way you would interior. Furniture, cushions and rugs can help create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, while plants and flowers can add colour and texture. If you have a large outdoor room, it’s important to give it some structure by creating zones that are used for different purposes. For example, you could create one area for dining and another for lounging if you have plenty of space. Outdoor living rooms can be incredibly cosy when they’re styled correctly. The most important thing to remember when styling this part of your garden is that comfort is key. You want guests to feel relaxed as soon as they sit down so think comfy chairs, cosy cushions and blankets – especially if it gets cool after dark! Plants are also essential if you want to create an oasis in your garden. Don’t forget it’s not just all about the flowers

Use indoor items too

When it comes to creating a home, it’s not just what you do indoors that counts. If you have an outdoor space, you may choose to use it as a garden, a patio, or an extra room. Either way, it can be fun to furnish and decorate these areas. Some things can be brought in from your indoor living space, while other items are more appropriate for use outside. It’s so much fun to bring the indoors out when the weather is good. Traditional indoor items such as rugs, throws, and cushions can easily be used on a patio or in the garden. If you’re worried about ruining them outside, just remember that everything looks better when the sun is shining and birds are singing. You can always take them back inside again if they get dirty or wet.

Use mood lights

Mood lighting is an excellent way to set the tone for your outdoor space. It helps create a warm and cosy ambience, which is great for entertaining. Mood lighting can be created by placing lanterns on tables, hanging lights from trees or installing wall lights. You might want to consider installing a dimmer switch on your outdoor lights so you could customise the intensity of light depending on the occasion. If you’re not really into DIY jobs, there are many different pre-made options available to buy, such as electric lanterns, solar fairy lights and outdoor chandeliers. It’s a good idea to think about what kind of mood you want to achieve in your space and then create a lighting plan accordingly.

Opt for a covering

You may want to consider a canopy, gazebo or pergola to protect you from sunburn and light showers, while also providing a place to relax and unwind. You can even get creative with lighting or a fire pit, perfect for when the sun goes down or when it’s time for a summer BBQ. 

Create a feature wall

A feature wall is great for adding interest to any room and outdoor space is no exception. Use an accent colour (ideally one that will stand out against your existing exterior décor) and paint either side of an archway, doorframe or window to really make it pop. You could also use this technique on walls, fences and sheds, and if you have a garden trellis you can train foliage like ivy or wisteria to grow across it for added impact.

Plant up some pots

If you don’t have much space or simply don’t want the hassle of mowing, planting up pots is a great alternative. Choose flowers and plants that attract pretty butterflies.

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