Expert’s recommendations on buying chairs for dining table: Check out!

The dining room is where we have a good time and enjoy delicious meals. Therefore, it must be a special place in the house, with a great combination of furniture. If you agree with us, you have certainly stopped to think about your table and the right chairs to use in this environment. And there are several models of sizes and colors of Rattan Dining Chairs. The big question is how to combine them with the table and with the rest of the decoration of your property.

Contrasting colors or investing in textures

If you are one of those people who like furniture with beautiful colors, the dining room is a good place to make an excellent contrast and have a great result. You can always abuse colors and textures, remembering that it is necessary to be in harmony with the rest of the place. The big trend of the moment is to mix different models of chairs. Another great idea is to use a different texture on each piece of furniture. 

Don’t give up comfort

For sure you will want to be as comfortable as possible to enjoy good times in the dining room, whether with family or friends. So, when deciding which chair to buy, remember not to give up comfort, which is essential for the environment to remain pleasant. The dining tables are usually 75 cm. In this case, thinking about comfort, the chair should have an approximate height of 50 cm.

Choose the model according to your family profile

When deciding the model of the chairs for the dining table, remember that your family is the one who will use the furniture on a daily basis. If you have children at home, avoid using furniture with corners that could cause accidents. Now, if you have pets, leather becomes one of the best options. In both cases, it is important that the chairs are made of a resistant material to have greater durability.

Visual balance

Visual balance is very important for the decoration of the environment. If you are a person who likes to mix shapes and sizes, it is possible to bring a combination on your dining table chairs. This can even add a modern touch to the environment. But it is worth remembering that the care with the harmony of the furniture must be considered. In such cases, try to keep at least one thing in common in the chairs, such as color, texture or shape.


Today we have the most varied models on the market. So it is common that we have several doubts. We need to keep in mind that the integrated spaces dominated architecture and interior design, making it essential that this element compose the environment, combining with the other furniture. 

There is no right model, but it is important to know that this piece will be used daily, so functionality and comfort are paramount characteristics. Now that you’ve read these tips, it’s time to put the ideas into practice. Transform your space into a beautiful and cozy environment.