Easy Hot Water Heater Repairs Any Home Owners Can Do

We know and understand that the thought of doing a hot water heater repair can intimidate a lot of homeowners. However, we are here with some tips that will help you do a few things on your own before you call an expert plumber for your water heater in North Surrey. So, roll up your sleeves and read the below information.

Hot water heater repair may sound intimidating, some repairs are better left for the experts. We have come up with three common hot water heater repairs that most of the homeowners can do themselves. As a top plumbing company in Langley, we believe in offering the right pieces of advice to our beloved customers. Keep reading and we are sure that you will save on your next plumbing bill. Check these out:

  1. The temperature of the water is too low or too high

This is the most common problems homeowners face with the water heaters. Fortunately, it is an easy problem to fix. Every water heater will come with a temperature dial on the front of the tank. You can adjust the dial yourself to increase or decrease the temperature. We always suggest our customers to set the temperature at 120° Fahrenheit. Once you change it, you must allow some time for the water heater to change to the new temperature. Test the water very well to ensure that the water has heated up to a temperate your desire.

  • The pilot light goes out

Another common problem a homeowner might face is with its gas water heater. The pilot light may go out, and there are several reasons for the same. The pilot light is nothing but a tiny perpetual flame that exists to light the gas burner to heat the water tank. If the light goes out and you need to on it again, make sure that the knob is off. Wait for a few minutes and meanwhile you can remove the access cover to the burner. With the help of a flashlight, you can illuminate the burner. After five minutes, turn the knob to pilot and the flow of the gas will start again.

  • Draining the hot water heater

There are many reasons that you may want to drain the hot water heater. Many a time, it may be due to the sediment build up because of hard water, causing your water heater to become less efficient or even clog the water lines.

The moment you experience any issues with water heater in North Surrey, do not hesitate, come to us and let us handle these for you. Do not wait until the problem becomes grave and replacing the water heater remains the only option. Problems are better handled when they are still in their nascent stage. Talk to us today.