Different types of door

It is no surprise that the houses in ancient times had no doors. Even today if you visit the old building you will hardly find any door in them. The idea of the door came later. Nowadays security has become a major concern and different types of doors come into existence. Before purchasing the door you have to assure that it is strong enough so that it cannot be easily broken or opened. But apart from safety and privacy, you have to assure that the door is attractive enough that can attract the eyes of your guests.

Doors based on location

Based on location, there are two types of doors which are as follows.

  • Interior Doors

The importance of interior doors in our home cannot be underestimated. These are the doors that connect rooms. They are usually thin and they are available in different shades.

  • Exterior Doors

Exterior doors which are also known as front doors allow entrance to or exit from a house and provide a measure of security. An exterior door must be weather-resistant as it has to face different weather conditions. 

Doors based on materials

  • Timber or Wooden Doors

Timber or wooden doors are mostly used in the interior of the building. Timber is a timeless classic material due to which these doors never get out of fashion. The main benefit of these doors is that they offer security, soundproofing, and insulation. As they are made up of natural material they are aesthetically appealing and enhance the charm of any space.

  • Steel Doors

Steel doors can be used for both interior and exterior purposes as they are very strong doors that offer good security. Earlier, people ignore the steel door because of its boring look. But now steel doors are available in different new styles which can look appealing in any type of building. GateDoorWindow is a door manufacturer in Singapore that offers high-quality interior and main doors from durable materials like steel and laminate.

  • Glass Doors

Glass doors are the best doors that can enrich the interior with beauty and brightness. These doors require care as the glass can be easily broken. So if you are looking to install glass doors then you should go with the tough glass. Such glass will not break easily.

  • PVC Doors

PVC door is a door made up of synthetic material but it offers many advantages that wooden or timber doors are unable to do. PVC is a sensible material choice for doors in your kitchen and bathroom because PVC is a good water resistance material. These doors are also best for exterior application because of their toughness and hardness.

  • Fiberglass Doors

The fiberglass doors are also a good option for the exterior. Unlike wood, they do not crack, rot, or warp. These doors are long-lasting, which do not require yearly re-finishing in order to stay in their original shape. They are dent-resistant and can be painted in any color. They are ideal for humid and harsh climatic conditions.