Anyone who leases or lets a home should be aware of the new laws coming into effect in April

Coronavirus: Legal remedies for landlords, tenants to avoid eviction

If you are trying to lease or let your home, you may have heard about the new laws affecting all the landlords and tenants in England. Now there are changes in the ways the tenant’s identities are checked by landlords and letting agents for them to find out if they are legally eligible to rent a home or not. Similarly, there are other new updates in the law that landlords and tenants have to be aware of.

If you are unclear about the changes in the law but want to find a tenant for your property, you can get help from estate agents in Brighton as they will assist you to find the tenants easily. They also take care of matters which may seem complicated for you and also offer services such as accompanying tenants to view properties, clearing the doubts of tenants regarding the property, presentation and marketing of rental properties and more.

Know all the details about the best services offered by estate agents for landlords and tenants.

Benefits of getting help from estate agents

  • Experts on regulations

Recently in the rental market, there are new changes and updates in the laws so it can be challenging for the landlords and tenants to know about it and understand it. But good estate agents know about these new changes and also help the landlords and tenants to understand them in simple terms. In this way, they will help you avoid penalties for not following the new laws because of ignorance.

So you can choose the services of the professional and experienced agents to check whether you comply with the new laws and also become aware of the new changes and updates from them.

  • Great negotiating tactics

A good estate agent has the skills to negotiate and mediate discussions between the landlords and tenants. They will help you to sort out all the issues from the start so there will not be any confusion at the end and lessen the stress of both landlords and tenants. For instance, they offer an instant valuation of a property and share the details about its real value to the landlords who will then be able to find tenants who are ready to rent it.

  • Maintenance of properties

The estate agents also help maintain the properties of the landlords by regular inspections of the property, providing details about the issues in the property and arranging necessary repairs for it and more. For instance, letting agents can arrange gas & electrical safety inspections for the tenants and in this way, they help tenants by ensuring that they are enjoying their tenancy. Further, they also build solid professional relationships with landlords by helping them to keep their tenants and properties safe.

The estate agents deal consistently and professionally with the landlords and tenants so this is the reason why getting help from estate agents for property matters is beneficial.

  • Understand how a lease works

Sometimes it can be hard for the tenants to understand the nuances of the lease. They may not understand what rights the lease bestows on them and also the responsibilities it carries.  But estate agents can serve as a mediator between the tenant and the landlord and speak with them on their behalf regarding the lease and other important matters so because of their help the journey of finding a home to rent will be stress-free for them.

  • Polite and helpful

Estate agents understand the stress and tension experienced by both landlords and tenants. To lessen the stress of landlords in finding tenants, agents offer their help by finding them excellent tenants for their properties. On the other hand, they help tenants to find homes to rent in the location of their choice. They take into account the requirements of both the landlords and tenants and find the best match for them.

If the landlords and tenants have any confusion, they politely help them to come to a decision, and they keep them fully informed on all details concerning the property. So they have the best interests of their clients at heart.

Get in touch with estate agents for the best service

You can call the estate agents and speak with them now to benefit from their services. If you are a landlord, talk with an estate agent to get their help to find new tenants for your property.

Further, if you are searching for homes to let in Brighton, speak with the agents who will help you find an amazing property that meets your requirements. They will help you to remain compliant when new laws come into effect in the property industry.